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Wanna battle?

So you want 2 be a bboy huh? well me 2 so start parcticing. Me and my friends started try 2 break about a week or 2 ago and we are having so much fun with it. Its a lot of upper body work and you have 2 have good balance. But it all comes down 2 just try 2 do it and have fun while your trying.

Dont Know what bboy'n is? here's a lil review.

What is breaking? Well Breaking can best be describe as dancing on your hands. Unlike most types of dancing styles your bodys stays close 2 the floor and youd do alot of spinning movements.

What is popping? Pop'n is more like normal dancing except the person as more control of idiviual body parts. Done correctly pop'n can produce smooth tripy looking movements.

Below you will find videos of breaks that i have collected. Hope they help you as much as they did me.






All videos are in zip format 4 faster downloads


battle 2000/sound/0:22

battle 2000-2/sound/1:13

gym battle 1/sound/0:09

gym battle 2/sound/0:13


Blue pop/sound/1:07

pop'n battle/sound/0:26

liquid pop/sound/0:36