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Keep informed of issue's that could effect your freedom!!!

On this page you with find anti-rave sites, government issues about raving and organization's that help to protect your rights to rave.

A list of stereo types that many believe about ravers.

All ravers are druggies (this is so not true I have meet many who are against drug use)

Ravers are dumbass (although this maybe true for some I have meet many highly intelligent people who love to have a good time)

Ravers are sluts (again this may be true for some raving doesnt not require any such sexaul activity sorry guys :)~ )

Ravers are rich (this is also not always true all though many raves can cost and arm and a leg most ravers work hard for there money)

Ravers are hippies (this is again depends on the individual. Although there are many simular believe's such as peace and love but hippies drop out of society with ravers stay in it and not view having a job as "selling out")

Raves are crackhouse's (No way in hell. Although it is very possible that drugs with be at a rave it is no way approved by the owner. There are searches and if drugs are found you will be busted)

Ravers are gay (although I cant speak for everyone on this subject I myself am straight as hell once again sorry guys LoL j/k)

Ok thats all I can think of for right now if you have anymore feel free to e-mail me. If we all do are part we can help make raving a more exceptible activity for all.

Funny Propaganda

Quick Facts

Use your head.
Raving is responsible for close to 420,000 deaths each year. It doesn't matter if that number is a random, unprovable statistic.

Stay active.
Exercising and participating in dancing is nearly impossible if you're sitting in the middle of the dance floor getting a massage.

Stay informed.
Young ravers are 100 times more likely to smoke pot and become addicted to other illicit substances such as heroin and cocaine. Because that's what goes into the pills, right?

Be aware of the risks.
Raving can lead to many physical problems, including emphysema, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

Keep your edge.
Raving makes you smell bad, gives you bad breath, and gives you premature wrinkles.

Play it safe.
Experimenting with raving could lead to full- fledged addiction and a lifetime of trying to quit.

Do the smart thing.
Raving puts your health and the health of those around you at risk.

Get with the program.
Raving isn't "in" anymore.

Find ways to reduce anxiety.
Raving may actually contribute to your state of agitation.

Be a real friend.
If you know someone who raves, be part of the solution. Urge your friend to get help and quit.

get this gear!

Anti-rave site's

The official anti-rave site : Very distasteful but I guess everyone is intiled to there own opinion but I dont advicate violance as the answer although I believe it is used in this site in a playful manor.

Dance party's of death : Ok I dont know whether to cry or just laugh when I found this site. Its is just start bull shit. here are some examples "Anything associated with raves is inherantly bad, and somehow related to drugs or premarital sex" and "GET HIGH, BECOME A RAVER, GET AIDS" ignorants is a shame. Ok I found out this was a joke after writing a very angry let the the webmaster :) So check out the parents test "is your child a raver" its funny (now anyways LOL)

Organization's : education is the frist step to protect your right to dance.

Project plur : site devoted to saving the rave scene : rave site with a cool idea of put the word rave on your money so that more people are aware of are contrubution to society.