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Raving, dancing, clubbing, and even disco. Whatever you call it, its a blast!!! There's nothing like being able to be free around people who are not judgemental. To dance your heart out to the ear deafing bass. If raving is a durg then I'm addicted. I couldnt think of anything better that I would rather do. Even if people are always talking trash about the okc scene. I mean the scene is what we make it so if you dont like it you really have no one to blame but yourself. We'll anyways thats my to cents I could be wrong.

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What does it mean 2 be a raver:

Well im my opionin a raver is someone who 4 one likes house music. Techno, Trance, Jungle etc... Someone who is open-mind and excepting of others. This person may or may not do drugs. I think people miss understand that the most. NOT ALL RAVES DO DRUGS!!!!!! instead must ravers view drugs as a personal choice that does not reflect negitivly on the user, only there action. And hopfuly they would like dancing of some sort. Well i think thats pretty much it.

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Okc and Tulsa rave info...


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