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Wanna chew on my pacifier?

I made this page becuase I though my site was lacking the most inportant aspect of rave culture.... the event goers. Although I know not everyone that goes to raves would be considered a candy freak (although I think there the greatest) this page will be dedicated to all party goers (with an emphases on kandie kids of course). I'm about to try and break down event goers into different categories(hope no gets made at me hehe). Now I wouldnt take this stuff to heart if I wore you this more just for my ammusment. Further more I would like to in courage people not to try and follow the group ,never ever judge people and always stay true to yourself!!!!

The Kandie Kid

The Klub heads

The B boys and errr girls

The inspiring turntablist

The Promoters

The E - tards

The Queers

The newbie