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RunUO 64bit Server

new 24/7 ultima online pre aos shard Server is set to auto create accounts so please join...test with version 4.0.9b (patch9)

I will be needing counselors soon, to resolve ingame issue please email if you feel you are up to the task!!!!

How To:

1) download ultima online (UO)
2) download uogateway (http://www.uogateway.com/)
3) search public listings for "Texas UO Shard" (click here)
4) vote for the shared (4th column from Shard Name) *note you can only vote for one shard at a time vote for someone else and i lose your vote* thx
5) Pick your own Name and Password (shard set to auto create)
6) Download Uo automap to make it easier to find ur way (UO automap)